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Dr. Peyman Saghizadeh


Peyman Saghizadeh, DDS

Dr. Peyman is driven by a passion to help others, and to enable them to achieve the best possible version of themselves. Dr. Peyman believes the key to maximizing one’s potential is a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence–and for many people this sense of self is rooted in their positive perception of how they present themselves to the world. Dr. Peyman employs the latest innovative dental techniques to enhance his patients’ healthy and beautiful smiles–instilling in them a dazzling confidence that motivates them to be the best they can be.


Since his childhood days to his college years at California State University, Northridge, through his graduate studies at prestigious New York University–where he graduated as one of the top students in the program when obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree–Dr. Peyman dreamed of harnessing his love of science and interest in dentistry to forge not only a career path for himself, but also improve the lives of others on a daily basis. And for Dr. Peyman, this passion for helping others is a family affair–he and his twin brother, Dr. Sam, formed the Newbury Dental Group to bring their dreams to life and have since established their practice as a standard of dental excellence.



General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Implants
Smile Make-Overs
Full Mouth Reconstruction



D.D.S. Degree
Doctor of Dental Surgery (2013)

AIC Level 1 Implant Certification (2016)

Dr. Saman Saghizadeh


Dr.SamanSaghizadeh better known as Dr. Sam by his patients brings a good sense of humor and calmness to the work environment. Dr. Saman Saghizadeh and his Peyman Saghizadeh are twin brothers and yes they are both dentist! DR Saman is of Persian decent and moved to Los Angeles when he was a child and attended Beverly Hills High School.

Dr. Saman Saghizadeh discovered early on his life for his passion for the sciences and went to attended university of California Los Angeles for his undergraduate education, graduating with cum lade in sociology. His love of sciences and helping others drove his focus onto dentistry where he moved to New York to study at one of the most prestigious dental schools in the nation, he graduated from NYU college of dentistry in 2013 with honors in endodontics.

After graduation, Dr.Saman moved back to Los Angeles to be closer to his family and to practice in the Los Angeles region. Over the past four years, Dr. Saman has been working as a general and cosmetic dentist while honing his skills and gaining valuable experience in the field. Dr.Saman Saghizadeh is knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry-preventive, general and specializes in cosmetic dentistry, implant placement and restoration, and is Invisalign certified.Dr. Samanhas furthered his dental knowledge and latest technologies by taking extensive courses in implants, preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Saman Saghizadeh and Peyman Saghizadeh work as a team to provide the best treatment possible today.

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